Specialty disease therapy management

Disease management can be stressful, overwhelming, and frustrating but with us by your side it doesn’t have to be

We manage your prescriptions and treatment options to make sure you live an active and healthy lifestyle. With our Patient Management Program we review things such as your medication, dosages, frequency, interactions, side effects, physical assessments and coordination of care with your physician when appropriate. There are many potential health benefits of this program, including the managing of your side effects, improved overall health, increased disease and medication education and awareness, increased medication compliance and when coordination of care with your physician is necessary, your pharmacist will have all the information needed to help make informed decisions regarding what is best for you as the patient.

We offer disease therapy management to the following disease states:


We provide a variety of medications and treatment options to people with Anemia. Treatment may depend on the cause of anemia, with options including transfusions, injections, oral medications, and supplements. We also offer our patients educational materials, support and consultations, which has been shown to improve compliance. Our approach is comprehensive. With injection training and monitoring of side effects and drug interactions with computerized medication profiles, you are in safe hands with our dedicated staff.

Antipsychotic medications

At V-Care Pharmacy, we understand that proper medication management is fundamental to the successful treatment of many patients with serious mental illness. Long-acting antipsychotic medications are of vital importance to the quality of life in many patients as the risk for noncompliance is decreased. Our dedicated and caring staff works with patients and their physicians to reduce non-compliance through these long-acting medications as well as through monitoring medications and refill reminders. We strive to make it as easy as possible for patients to remain healthy so that they can enjoy fulfilling and active lives.

These medications, along with other treatments, support from families, friends, or caring medical professionals and others, can help patients to participate in their own recovery journey.

Crohn's Disease

V-Care staff is expertly trained in the special needs of patients with Crohn’s Disease. At V-Care, patients have easy access to staff who are specialized in their specific disease state, coordination of medication therapies tailored to the individual, and careful monitoring of possible side effects. With all of this careful individualized attention, we help patients maintain a better overall quality of life. We also provide educational information, including comprehensive materials on the inflammatory disease impacting their intestines.


Optimizing our Hepatitis patients’ medicinal treatment and maintaining a successful therapy regimen is the goal for our staff at V-Care Pharmacy. Qualified staff will assess your health and lifestyle goals and formulate an individualized program for each patient. Making educated, informed choices with the intent of successful therapy is important to achieve treatment success. Minimizing any disruptions in the therapy cycle through consistency in medication compliance, the patient gains satisfaction in the course of action prescribed by the primary doctor. V-Care’s dedication to the success of this goal for our patients is apparent through our precision handling of therapy modifications; monitoring for harmful side effects; supplying printed information to the patient; and personal access to our staff.

For Hep C Patients & Caregivers:


Patients with HIV are treated with the utmost care and attention from our dedicated staff. At V-Care Pharmacy we work closely with both the patient and their providers and physicians to provide the best patient care possible. We keep our patients’ medications in stock, calling when refills are available, and offer free medication delivery services. Educational materials are also available.

For HIV Patients & Caregivers:


When a patient is diagnosed with psoriasis, attention to detail is imperative. At V-Care, we believe a consultation and orientation to the medication is an important step in the care of this disease. Aside from orientation to the new medication, this consultation also includes potential side effects, drug interactions and the importance of patient notification to their medical provider of any changes to the skin.

Rheumatoid arthritis

V-Care Pharmacy provides medications to people living with Rheumatoid Arthritis in the hope that they can enjoy their lives fully and actively. Rheumatoid Arthritis is an inflammatory disease that causes pain, swelling, stiffness, and loss of function in the joints. With computerized medication profiles allowing for ongoing monitoring of side effects and drug interaction, we help patients to simplify their treatment. Our committed and caring staff provides support, consultations, and educational material to improve compliance.

Specialty pharmacy FAQs

1Who can I call with questions when V-Care Pharmacy & Surgical Supply is closed?
Access is available to a pharmacist during off-hours who provide the same level of care round-the-clock at 508-202-9993 and for non-urgent matters you may also email us at [email protected].
2What is a Specialty Pharmacy?
A Specialty Pharmacy is one that fills prescriptions for specialty medications. These types of prescriptions may be taken several different ways: through injection, infusion or taken orally. Usually, you cannot get these drugs at just any local retail pharmacy. These medications often need special storage and handling. Regular Medication and Side Effect Counseling as well as Patient Education will help you with your disease therapy management. V-Care Pharmacy offers all this and more.
3What makes V-Care Pharmacy different from other Specialty Pharmacies?
V-Care Pharmacy is a full service pharmacy that focuses on giving you personal attention while keeping your health and wellness in mind. We work closely with your providers and caregivers to ensure you always have the right medications at the right time. We offer several kinds of payment assistance for your medications and provide many options to help you stick to your medication regimen. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here for you, to work with you towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.
4What can I expect if I am filling a Specialty Medication prescription for the first time?
After we receive your prescription either by you dropping it off or your physician faxing it in, we verify your information and enter it in to our system. We then obtain your medication history, which will help us identify if there may be any issues as we fill the prescription. Your insurance and medication coverage eligibility is determined. If a Prior Authorization is needed, we alleviate the stress and handle all the necessary paperwork and communication with your insurance company for you. You are then able to pick up your medication! We also offer complimentary follow up phone calls and refill reminders so that you never miss a dose in the future.
5How can V-Care Pharmacy help me stick to my Specialty Medication regimen?
We offer many options to help you take your medication safely and consistently – these include Blister Packaging to make it easier for patients who take multiple doses a day. Our FREE Delivery service is available to make sure your medication is delivered on time, when you need it. We offer complimentary Refill Reminders to ensure that you never miss a dose. Lastly, our Medication Synchronization service allows all of a patient’s prescriptions to be refilled on the exact same day of the month, eliminating the need for separate call-ins and pick-ups.
6How do I order a refill?
We make it a little easier for you and offer free Refill Reminders! A week before your next refill is needed; a V-Care Pharmacy staff member will call you to schedule your delivery. They will also coordinate your home health care and medical equipment, if needed. They will also ask:
  • How you are doing with your therapy?
  • Are you still prescribed the same medicine?
  • Do you still take the same dose?
  • Are you having any side effects?
  • Do you need any new supplies?
  • Where you would like your next refill/supplies sent?
7What kind of assistance is available for my Specialty Prescriptions?
V-Care Pharmacy offers various coupons to several different Specialty Medications. In addition, we also offer co-pay assistance for qualified individuals to help you find additional sources of financial aid for your prescriptions.
8How is my Specialty Medication delivered?
Your medication is delivered free via our V-Care Pharmacy delivery professionals. Packages are labeled in a way that protects your privacy. You decide where the package should be delivered: to your home, doctor’s office, or another location. Once you receive your medication, you should follow the stated storage requirements.
9Who can use Blister Pack Medication?
Our Multi-Dose Blister Packs are great for independent living facilities or individuals who are taking multiple medications, while our Single-Dose Blister Packs benefit managed care facilities and group homes. Ask about this FREE service today!
10What can I expect if I am receiving Blister Pack medications from V-Care Pharmacy?
After submitting your prescription, we schedule a consultation to evaluate your needs and we take in to consideration all medications, dosages and timing of medications. After the Blister Pack is created, you may pick it up or V-Care Pharmacy will also arrange for the FREE delivery of the Blister Packaged medication, ensuring that you will receive it on time. Our Pharmacy staff will contact you up to 7 days prior to any necessary refills to see if there are any changes that need to be made to the Blister Pack.

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