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Let us be a partner in care to help manage your patient’s therapy goals

Our therapy management programs and clinical expertise will support your patients through their treatment journey. Our local presence allows us to build strong provider relationships and provide prompt communication. Our extensive medication inventory helps provide faster medication access for your patients.

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Free delivery

V-Care offers quick, free and convenient prescription delivery to your patients' residence or your office.

Blister packaging

Blister packs come as a monthly package, separating medication dosing up to four administration times daily (morning, noon, evening, and bedtime). This ensures the right medications are given at the right time.

  • Safety: Special packaging ensures the right medication are taken at the right time
  • Compliance: Keep track of multiple medications becomes simplified - reduce the risk of a missed dose or double dosing
  • Convenience: V-Care organizes all medication to make it easier for patients to manage their health

Speciality medications

As an URAC Specialty Accredited Pharmacy, V-Care provides comprehensive patient care and monitoring programs. We provide complex services to support patients with high burden health conditions.

V-Care makes specialty medications more accessible and we are equipped to source and handle a large range of specialty medications. See our referral forms or inquire to learn more.

Prior authorization support

V-Care has a dedicated team of expert pharmacists to provide prior authorization assistance.

Contact us today for more details about our Prior Authorization Support Services at (508) 202-9993

Medication referral forms

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Information for your patient

V-Care Pharmacy places a priority in helping our patients navigate through the ever changing healthcare landscape. From managing prescriptions to overseeing prior authorizations, we do it all while maintaining effective communication. Our patients are never left wondering about the status of their prescriptions or having to make multiple calls between the pharmacy and the doctor's office.

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