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We place a priority in helping our patients navigate through the ever changing healthcare landscape

From managing prescriptions to overseeing prior authorizations, we do it all while maintaining effective communication. Our patients are never left wondering about the status of their prescriptions or having to make multiple calls between the pharmacy and the doctor's office.

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We're currently offering influenza vaccines (flu shots) and COVID-19 vaccines. Our different locations offer different vaccinations, so please give your location a call if you'd like to see about other immunization options.

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Options to refill prescriptions:

Transfer my prescription

Become a patient at V-Care Pharmacy.

  1. Fill out our online form or Contact us by phone to request a transfer with a staff member. Be ready to provide a list of medications you need and your current pharmacy's contact information.
  2. Call your doctor and have them send new prescriptions to our pharmacy.

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  • Contact us to speak to a pharmacist
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